This site chronicles our ~2 year trip to 29 countries.
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Seattle, WA
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A vacation!

What's New?:
We have FINALLY stopped traveling and are now settled into a rental house in Seattle. It's about that time to start looking for a J-O-B. It will be a nice change to get our brains working on something other than researching our next destination, keeping our website updated, and being extreme penny-pinchers!! Who thought we'd want to work again!!! It's crazy-talk.. I'm sure we'll be itching for a vacation sooner than we expect!

Where Did We Go and How Did We Get Around?
-USA (6 mos. in Heimo our VW van)

-Australia (2 mo by car, plane & camper)
-New Zealand (3 mo in another van Stella)
-Central America (3 mo.by chicken bus) 
-Europe (3 mo. train, 1 wk. Arnold the camper)
-Africa (~ 3 wks. Safari van)  
-SE Asia (2 mo. Moto, boat, songtheaw)



Our trip began in February 2002 with Chuy (the dog) and Heimo (the camper van). It's hard to believe that just over two years has gone by since we started this epic journey around-the-world! The best part of the trip has been exposing ourselves to different countries, cultures, people, & ideas. It's been especially interesting travelling during the "War on Terror", as people are very quick to discuss what's going on!

Returning home is bitersweet. While we are sad to finish our explorations into different cultures, we are looking forward to the comforts and stabilty of daily life under our own roof. We are ready to burn the contents of our backpacks and sleep on our own bed! One thing we look forward to is expanding our cooking skills to include many of the yummy flavors sampled during our travels.

The trip is over (boo hoo!), so the window into our world via this website WILL CLOSE as we settle into a less hectic lifestyle.

See ya later!, Ciao, Adios, Dag, Shalom, Cheerio , Au revoir, Selamat jalan, Arrivederci, Sowatdi ka, Auf wiedersehen, gule gule, Ha det....just a sampling of languages we dabbled in!

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